What Clients Are Saying

"Before retaining Ferrucci Law Group, I had been to two other attorneys that told me I did not have much of a case but Joe got me six figures in a short period of time and without the necessity of a long, drawn-out lawsuit. He clearly knows exactly what he's doing! I was kept well-informed and treated courteously and respectfully throughout the process."

— Robert Yanes

"I am a current client of Joe's. Joe is an intelligent, caring and tough negotiator. His expertise is in real estate. I highly recommend his work ethic."

— Ayoub Sesar

"We had longstanding problems with adjoining property owners creating nuisances and interfering with the use and enjoyment of our property before we went to Joe. We were very concerned about the potential costs of litigation but retained Ferrucci Law Group because we believed them to be honest and very capable attorneys — and they proved us right. Not only were they able to finally bring resolution to our longstanding problems, they were able to get our insurer to pay most of the litigation costs! It was also nice to see that they sincerely cared about our concerns and went out of their way to treat us well."

— Robert Legg and Christine Legg

"Joseph Ferrucci is an excellent probate and litigation lawyer. I would highly recommend him to anyone. I have had forty years of paralegal experience in New York City. I was lucky to have found Joseph Ferrucci to represent me in a probate matter in San Diego, CA. It was a pleasure working with him in the past 18 months. Above all, he was willing to accept my input which resulted in a successful settlement. As a litigation lawyer he is very astute and sharp in court. He is forthright,, a brilliant brief writer and a compassionate person. He is also hardworking with a knack for detail."

-- Una

"I was being sued by a large corporation and figured I had no chance even though I felt I was right. Mr. Ferrucci hung in there with me and we settled in our favor. Mr. Ferrucci is a fantastic communicator and was very specific and clear on what we needed to do. He could have talked me into settling many times but he insisted we had a winnable case and we did.

Thank you Joe for all the hard work."


"I have been with him for a very long time. He will go out of his way to help his client out. One can call him any time of the day or on a weekend and he is there for you. If he does not have an expertise about a topic, he tells you and not only that but he arranges to get you the help that you need."


What Peers And Other Professionals Are Saying

"As a litigation support attorney, I have had the opportunity to work with many attorneys in the Southern California area. Without hesitation, I can say that Joe is one of the best that I have ever worked with. I am always impressed by his depth of knowledge and expertise, especially in the real estate and construction practice areas. He is an outstanding trial lawyer who applies sophisticated technical skills to legal problems. January 6, 2016"

— Jamie Gottschalk-Hall

"Joe is a knowledgeable attorney with a great ability to solve problems and connect with his clients and other professionals. Joe sets an example for all attorneys with his professionalism and extensive community involvement. December 23, 2015"

— Aaron Waites

"Joe Ferrucci is an extremely talented and knowledgeable business and trial attorney. His experience and breadth of knowledge is really unparalleled. From straight forward to highly complex cases, you cannot go wrong with Joe Ferrucci. December 14, 2015"

— Andrew Carlton

"Joe is an excellent litigator and trial attorney that delivers very favorable outcomes for his clients. I would highly recommend him for any business dispute. December 11, 2015"

— John Vukmanovic

"Joseph Ferrucci is a stellar attorney and I would not hesitate to recommend him. He is knowledgeable as well as personable. He is a zealous advocate that fights for his clients. December 10, 2015"

— James Gandy

"Joseph A. Ferrucci is a first-rate litigator, particularly in the areas of business litigation and real estate litigation. He is highly dedicated to providing the absolute best results for his clients whether it is a short-term case or one that stretches on for years. In professional attorney group discussions, he is a helpful leader in communicating to fellow litigators (and those like me who are not) what the hot issues are, procedurally and substantively, and how they relate to our practices. November 26, 2015"

— Dave Duringer, Esq.

"Mr. Ferrucci's extensive trial experience, along with his business background and education, help provide business clients with the complete legal advocate, as he is able to navigate his clients through litigation while understanding the impact of the litigation on their business. November 25, 2015"

— Anthony Modarelli, Esq.

"Mr. Ferrucci is a business owner himself and therefore has vast experience on handling business litigation matters from both a legal and business prospective November 23, 2015"

— Anna Carno, Esq.

"I have known Mr. Ferrucci for several years and in addition to my respect for his legal prowess, he is held in high regard by our colleagues in the legal community. I would not hesitate to refer clients to him. I know he is more than competent to represent clients with the competence, skill, and ethical standards required while dealing with opposing counsel with the utmost professional courtesies. November 20, 2015"

— Janice Vinci, Esq.

"Mr. Ferrucci displays outstanding skills and has substantial knowledge and experience to successfully litigate civil cases, including complex matters. I would recommend that Mr. Ferrucci receive the highest rating permitted. " November 18, 2015

— Brad Kilmer

"Mr. Ferrucci is seasoned trial attorney and all around excellent lawyer. November 18, 2015"

— Andrew Carlton, Esq.

"Joseph Ferrucci’s expertise and skills in the Courtroom enable him to obtain superior results for his clientele. You should never pass up the opportunity to have him represent you in any Business or Real Estate litigation. August 27, 2015"

— Louis Roberts

"Joe is an excellent business litigator. He truly protects the American Dream -- do not hesitate to hire him! August 19, 2015"

— Wayne Philips

"Joseph Ferrucci is an outstanding attorney! I have had the pleasure of working with him as a trial consultant, and I continue to be very impressed with his strategic reasoning, his ability to see a clear logical through-line in the case, and his amazing patience. He is a role model of what we call a "warm professional," someone who is extraordinarily bright, yet friendly, supportive, and approachable. Joe also has a great sense of humor that he uses to make clients feel comfortable even in challenging situations such as trial testimony. I recommend Joe Ferrucci without hesitation. He is a first-rate trial attorney." April 16, 2010

— Janet Palmer, President & Founder, Communication Excellence Institute (CEI)

"Joe is an incredibly astute and gifted lawyer. I recommend him without reservation. His business background and accounting knowledge enable him to provide high value and great results for his clients." March 22, 2010

— Ted Connor, Partner, Kring & Chung LLP

"Joe Ferrucci is an aggressive litigator who gets results. He is an expert at real estate and business litigation."

— Laura Hess

"Initially, I was opposing counsel on a litigation matter. After that time, I referred several complex litigation matters to Joseph Ferrucci, and he has litigated these matters brilliantly. I highly recommend Joseph Ferrucci to those attorneys and clients who are in need of litigation counsel."

--Bradley Kilmer, Litigation Lawyer in Huntington Beach, CA

"Joe is a superior litigator. He achieves excellent results for his clients and commands the respect of opposing counsel. As a licensed broker, he understands the real world issues of real estate law and litigation. Moreover, he forges and maintains deep and lasting relationships with his clients."

--Kurt Ressler - Fellow lawyer in community