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Quiet Title Actions

If there are any problems or disputes with the title to your real estate, you may need to file a lawsuit to get the court to rule that you have clear title to the property. This type of lawsuit is called a quiet title action.

There are many reasons a quiet title action may be necessary. For example, there may have been a technical defect in the deeds to the property, but the person who signed the deed is no longer available to sign corrected paperwork. Or someone may have obtained title to your property through fraud or some other improper means. Or someone may have filed an improper lien against your property.

Talk To An Experienced Real Estate Litigation Attorney

Quiet title actions have many specific requirements that are not applicable to other types of civil lawsuits. You need an attorney who is experienced with quiet title actions to avoid the many potential pitfalls involved in clearing up the title to your property.

At Ferrucci Law Group (FLG), based in Orange County, I represent clients in contested real estate matters involving:

  • Competing claims to a property
  • A party obtaining title to a property through fraudulent means
  • Technical defects in the chain of title
  • A title that a title company refuses to insure

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I welcome the opportunity to discuss your real estate matter with you. Contact me, Joseph A. Ferrucci, to ask questions about quiet title actions and real estate litigation.