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Nondisclosure And Breach Of Contract

In many real estate disputes involving or alleging nondisclosure and breach of contract, parties enter into a sophisticated real estate transaction, only to see it go awry. Although some degree of due diligence and disclosure is made in real estate transactions, and the parties usually have a written agreement, disputes about the adequacy of disclosures and the parties' obligations still often arise.

If you find yourself in the midst of such a dispute, you may need the assistance of an experienced attorney who knows how to handle the problem in a cost-effective way.

Experienced With Difficulties Arising From Purchases And Sales

At Ferrucci Law Group (FLG), based in Laguna Woods, California, I have handled many cases stemming from problematic real estate contracts and transactional disputes, including cases that have gone all the way to trial.

As an attorney, I help my clients address serious concerns that have significant financial implications. I provide strong, pragmatic representation in lawsuits related to:

  • Disclosure issues related to the purchase and sale of real estate
  • Disputes about the interpretation or intent of real estate contracts
  • Disputes about parties' obligations under a real estate contract

Every case is different. Get the legal advice you need to make informed choices about your case.

Experienced Lawyer For Breach Of Real Estate Contract Cases | Orange County Location

Contact me, Joseph A. Ferrucci, to discuss your breach of contract matter.