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Commercial Lease Disputes

Commercial leases are usually much more complicated than residential leases. Commercial tenants often have to do the maintenance and pay taxes and other costs associated with the building their space is located in, in addition to paying rent.

A complex lease dispute can trigger a business or property owner's search for the right lawyer. You may be looking for an attorney to help you control damage or make sure you are made whole in an important deal. I am here to help.

Resolving Complex Cases | Fighting For Fairness

I am attorney Joseph A. Ferrucci. At Ferrucci Law Group, based in Laguna Woods, I help my clients resolve complex disputes that emanate from the negotiation and transaction of commercial leases in Southern California. I provide pragmatic advice and strong representation in matters such as:

  • Disputes that arise from leases with options to buy
  • Disputes over options to extend/renew or rights of first refusal
  • Disputes over use restrictions in commercial leases
  • Disputes over the parties' respective responsibilities under the lease
  • Disagreements over tenant improvements
  • Problems with commissions

In Orange County, commercial leasing activity has taken a hit, with fewer people starting businesses. Every lease is important.

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