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Real Estate And Construction Disputes

Representing Buyers, Sellers, Investors, Landlords, Brokers, Contractors And Others

Ferrucci Law Group (FLG) offers guidance to clients who find themselves involved, reluctantly, in contested real estate matters and construction disputes.

As an attorney, I help businesses and individuals solve problems they simply cannot solve on their own, and I try to do it in a cost-effective manner. I represent buyers, sellers, real estate investors, landlords and contractors, among other types of clients in Orange County and beyond.

Well-Versed, Adaptive And Effective | Aggressive When Necessary

I am well-versed in the business of real estate and the construction industry. In addition to being a lawyer, I have had involvement in every aspect of the real estate cycle — as a real estate broker, as an investor and as a commercial and residential landlord, to name a few roles. I stay current on real estate law, and I also stay aware of happenings in the marketplace with regard to value, current practices, industry trends and much more. This enables me to adapt to the changing needs of my clients when they face difficulties like:

As a litigator, I am comfortable with conflict. I am very aggressive when necessary, but I am also able to negotiate peace and cooperation in many contentious circumstances.

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My office is located in Laguna Woods, California. Contact me to get your questions answered.