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Trade Secret Litigation

The protection of trade secrets and other intellectual property (IP) is essential to the stability, if not the viability, of many businesses. The violation of a confidentiality agreement or nondisclosure agreement can be damaging to a company, and it can precipitate litigation with substantial consequences.

If you need reliable advice about a dispute related to trade secrets, we should talk. Knowing what is enforceable and how to enforce it — and whether it's worth the hassle and expense to sue — are essential parts of trade secret litigation.

Effective Representation In Southern California Business Litigation

Ferrucci Law Group (FLG), based in Orange County, understands business. As an attorney with extensive litigation experience and extensive personal experience as an entrepreneur, I provide representation in trade secret lawsuits, protecting my clients' rights through a variety of means. I analyze, prosecute and defend cases involving:

  • Employees with knowledge of trade secrets who went to work for a competitor
  • Employees with knowledge of trade secrets who left a company to start a competing company
  • Independent contractors and vendors who breached agreements to keep proprietary information confidential

Every case is different. I am adept at carefully negotiating and settling cases and also advocating for my clients at trial.

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