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Partnership And Shareholder Disputes

When businesspeople want to enter into partnerships with other businesspeople, they use different types of entities such as partnerships, LLCs and corporations. I have extensive experience handling disputes between partners that have utilized all of these types of entities.

Disputes arise among members of LLCs, between partners and within groups of shareholders. The question is, how can you resolve your dispute as quickly and advantageously as possible?

Resolving Disagreements | Protecting Your Interests In Litigation

I am trial lawyer Joseph A. Ferrucci of Ferrucci Law Group (FLG) in Laguna Woods, California. I represent investors, entrepreneurs and business owners in Orange County and throughout Southern California. I can protect your investment and rights in a business lawsuit rooted in a partnership or shareholder dispute. I can guide you through difficulties involving:

  • Mismanagement of assets, improper transactions or conflicts of interest
  • A lack of transparency in a company's records or books
  • Disagreements about how a business is operated (fights over control)
  • The purchase and sale of significant assets
  • Disagreements about whether a business should continue operating
  • The dissolution of a business

Your business matter is important. If you are afraid of suffering loss, gain the competitive advantage you need. Get legal representation you can trust.

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