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Employer-Employee Lawsuits

A serious employment lawsuit can drain a company's energy and resources like nothing else. If your business is facing litigation involving an employee or former employee, you may be in need of strong legal counsel to help you protect your interests and minimize the damage.

I am attorney Joseph A. Ferrucci. My firm has a history of successfully representing employers who are forced to address difficult claims.

Representing Employers In Litigation: Wrongful Termination, Employment Contracts And More

At Ferrucci Law Group (FLG), based in Laguna Woods, I represent the interests of companies that are involved in lawsuits brought by their employees. In this important area of practice, my experience includes:

  • Advising businesses regarding their exposure in cases alleging wage-and-hour violations, discrimination, harassment and other wrongdoing
  • Successfully defending my clients against wage-and-hour and wrongful termination lawsuits
  • Proving my ability to negotiate with opposing counsel when settlement is in my clients' best interests
  • Taking employment matters all the way to trial, preparing thoroughly and prevailing in the courtroom
  • Litigating cases involving employment contract disputes

I handle every employment dispute on a case-by-case basis, paying careful attention to the details and helping my clients weigh their options before choosing a course of action. As your attorney, I will assess your situation thoroughly and provide the guidance you need to resolve the case as favorably as possible.

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