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Commercial Collections

Businesses hire a commercial collection lawyer for different reasons, though the central issue is the need to be made whole. If you are owed money by a business, the advice of an experienced attorney may be helpful to you.

Perhaps your client or customer is disputing the quality of the work or product you provided. Or maybe the nonpayment is simply the result of the debtor procrastinating or stubbornly refusing to pay within a reasonable period of time. The bottom line is that the situation needs to be resolved.

From Judgments To Collecting: Handling Every Stage Of The Collections Process

At Ferrucci Law Group (FLG) in Laguna Woods, California, I handle cases that involve all aspects of commercial collections, from demand letters to judgments and liens. As an attorney who is well-versed in every stage of the process, I assist clients by:

  • Negotiating with opposing parties and their attorneys
  • Obtaining judgments in court
  • Obtaining writs of attachment against creditors' assets
  • Employing a variety of post-judgment collection methods
  • Collecting on foreign (out-of-state) judgments

I am known for being knowledgeable and focused on results. I also have a reputation for being personable and easy to work with. I concentrate much of my practice on commercial litigation.

Contact Me | I Can Answer Your Questions About Creditors' Rights, Judgment Collections And Judgment Enforcement

Contact me, attorney Joseph Ferrucci, to discuss your collections problem. Usually, there are multiple approaches to addressing an unpaid debt. I can evaluate your situation and explain what your options are for resolving your matter.