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Breach Of Contract Litigation

Lawsuits are a part of life in business. The most common type of business litigation involves disagreement about a contract. Someone feels like he or she has been treated unfairly or been cheated. There is often a feeling of injustice.

Breach-of-contract claims are common in many businesses, including real estate-related businesses. As an attorney who has observed and facilitated countless deals and tried many cases, I understand what constitutes a breach and what doesn't; more importantly, I know what remedies are available in a given situation.

A Multifaceted Background | Extensive Experience In Real Estate Lawsuits

I am trial lawyer Joseph A. Ferrucci. My firm is based in Laguna Woods, California. Equipped with a strong business background and a focus on business law, I strive to give my clients a competitive edge in confronting the contract problems they face. I offer my clients an extremely helpful set of skills:

  • I understand what it takes to run a real estate business — not just a law firm.
  • I have an accounting background.
  • I understand how partnerships, joint ventures, LLCs and corporations operate.
  • I can help resolve payment disputes through a variety of means.

  • I can evaluate and litigate many types of business contracts.

Contract disputes can take many forms and be resolved in myriad ways. Talk to me if you need representation regarding your contract matter.

Do You Have A Case?

Get advice from an Orange County attorney for breach of contract cases. Contact me to discuss your legal rights.