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Business Bankruptcy Litigation

Commercial bankruptcies are inherently adversarial. Creditors need to be made whole, while debtors need relief and want to discharge debts. Many businesses in Chapter 11 believe they can and should keep operating, while other parties may think otherwise.

Bankruptcy litigation is not a trivial matter; it is filled with complicated nuances and requires real experience. If you are looking for an attorney to represent you in commercial litigation that involves a debtor in bankruptcy, I may be the right attorney for you.

Prosecuting Actions In Chapter 11 | Providing Responsive Representation In Adversary Proceedings

At Ferrucci Law Group (FLG), based in Laguna Woods, I represent parties involved in disputes with parties or properties that are in bankruptcy. I have significant experience litigating matters in the Southern California bankruptcy courts. I handle cases involving:

  • Creditors who contend that certain debts are non-dischargeable in bankruptcy
  • The prosecution and defense of various types of adversary proceedings
  • State court actions that are removed to bankruptcy courts
  • Creditors with large claims that are disputed
  • Undersecured creditors

Every situation is different. As your attorney, I will help you formulate and execute a strategy designed to help you get results. I will communicate with you throughout the duration of your case. I will provide a high level of service.

Questions About Disputes Between Creditors And Debtors?

Contact me to discuss your case with an Orange County attorney for business bankruptcy and creditors' rights.