Ferrucci Law Group

Service And Scope: A Boutique Firm With A Strong Reputation

Ferrucci Law Group (FLG) is a boutique firm based in Laguna Woods, California. We refer to it as a boutique firm not simply because it is small, but because of two key factors that have a meaningful impact on our clients' success — scope and service:

  • Service: We provide personalized service to every business and individual we represent. We focus on relationships, not volume, and our clients reap the benefits of this approach. Our firm is unusually attentive to detail. Please see our Testimonials page or request a list of referrals to learn more about what we have done for specific clients.
  • Scope: We are not a general practice law firm. On the contrary, we concentrate our time and energy on a few areas of law and business so we can excel at them and get great results. Our strong points are real estate and construction disputes and business litigation.

Not Just An Experienced Litigator — A Seasoned Trial Attorney

Joseph A. Ferrucci is not just an attorney with extensive litigation experience; he is an active trial lawyer who is comfortable taking matters to court and arguing them persuasively before a judge and jury.

Mr. Ferrucci has taken many difficult cases to trial and won. He has also helped resolve many complex matters out of court when that route was viable and advantageous for the firm's clients.

There are many law firms in Orange County, which means you have a multitude of choices when you need representation. FLG invites you to consider our capabilities as you make your decision.

Contact us for an honest assessment of your case. We offer a quick phone consultation for potential clients.